the nightmares ink

February 14, 2018
By the_couch_potatoe BRONZE, New Boston, Texas
the_couch_potatoe BRONZE, New Boston, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Hangman is great. It shows that if you say the wrong thing you could end someones life.

Ink drinking the black ink erupting from the sink
As dark link formed from that ink taking over the boy’s body
as the world vanished into the shrinking dark corners of his nightmares
As the next boy arrives a new sink with a new ink darker than the others
Dreading and spreading throughout the house
the new ink drinks from the sink as the boy is lured to the ink as eyeless jack  comes to reap the boys life again leaves the time ticking as splotches of ink is left in the sink
The unthinkable fear hidden within the sink filled with the black ink as the boys were now gone in their nightmares of the sinking ink never to be seen again.

The author's comments:

its abbout to boys who created creepasta characters from there nightmares and in the middle of the night were summoned by the character through the ink.

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