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Ode to life

February 13, 2018
By Oouuuuitsaugie BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Oouuuuitsaugie BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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life,with air that sweep
Me off my feet,
With pain sharp as a knife
I always seem to cut myself,
Life,you wait for me to tell you
My endless stories,
Life,one day you’ll leave my body
And there will be no life,
With eyes so bright like the sun
Skin light like brown grass,
Life,why can’t you stay around
Forever and ever,
You make me cry when you
Don’t go my way
Life,sometimes i wish you
Would just go away,
Life, i’m happy when you give me
Your heart to replace my,
Life, your my friend and promise
You’ll stay till the end,
Life,with kind words that float out
When you talk like music,
Life, you make me mad when you
Say thing you don’t mean,
Life, with hands and arms so soft
I go crazy when you touch me,
Life when things get hard promise me
We won’t give up,
Life, you watch me grow with
Thoses green/blue eyes,
Life, your a tough cookie but that’s how
Your supposed to be,
Life, your my forever friend
And i know we’ll stay that way,
Life, with hair as soft as a bunny
And feet a white as snow,
Life, with a brain so big and a mouth
So full you tell me to follow all my dreams’
But life, one day you’ll leave and our friendship
And so will my life,

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