Ode to my Phone

February 13, 2018
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When I hold you

on my hand I’ll
keep you on until
you get tired when
you are out I’ll let
you sleep and I get
bored when you are
sleeping after I wake
you up from your nap
I would keep you up
from your nap until
I get sleepy. When
I wake up you are by
my side ringing the
bell that you have on
you when I take you
school I will keep you
near me at all times
when you have your
friend next to you
I put him on me and
when I put you to
sleep  It feels like
I’m listening to your
dreams when I get
caught and you get
taken away I’ll come
back for you if I can
I will do anything for
you because you have
the memory of my past.
When I miss you I will
remember the shiny
smooth top like a diamond
that reflects light back
and the colorful tattoo
you have on your back.
When you are too hot I
will try to cool you down
you won’t die on me I will
try everything to revive
you back to life is I can’t
revive you I will transfer
You a new body and keep
you forever if I can’t do
that I’ll just leave you
alone to r.i.p and go get
your cousins to replace
you so that you can watch
over us and live our life.

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