Ode to Asriel

February 13, 2018
By Anonymous

  A sister with black
hair,  mixture of carmel
and  black skin.
Ears as small as a
monkey ,dark
brown eyes dark as the night.
Them white, red, and black
nike slides you wear
as  you walk to Walmart.
When mom asks you to
cook dinner you hear
the kitchen  telling you
stay  away. As she cooks
i hear the meat sizzling my name.
My sister attitude  is as  sour as a lime.
When i’m blue my sister hugs me
like a grizzly bear.
Asriel loves her son like
nobody else is around
My sister takes me
everywhere with her
like Walmart,
Beauty supply, 
Sizzlers, and McDonalds.
When she goes out
with her boyfriend she lets
me watch her son Lajuan. Her
jokes  are hilarious
like she is apart of a comedian show.
The times she cooks
dinner i’m her personal assistant
Them hamburgers are the boom
they  blow up in my mouth.
As she goes to her room she hears
voices  telling her to
clean the dirty room.
When her son cries
she puts that annoying
song he loves
to listen to everyday.

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this Ode was that i love my sister in my whole enter family she is my oldest sister and i look up to her more then my mom

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