Ode to PS3

February 13, 2018
By drippy---sauce BRONZE, Sacramento, California
drippy---sauce BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Everyday you wait for me on top
Of my drawer till I get home
From school your body is black
Like coffee with a red and green light

You’ve gone to a lot of places with me
Like when you went with me too mexico
Where I left you by accident you where
There smelling my grandma's delicious
Food and  her hand made tortillas

You also went with me to my aunties
House where I dropped you down the
Stairs and you broke I  fixed you because
You make me happy by devouring my
Movies and games putting movies on
For me sometimes you make me mad
Because you breath very loud while im
Trying to watch a movie or play
My games with my friends
I can't bear to lose you because
I Love you the way you love me
And i don't want to lose you again

The author's comments:

this includes about how much i love gaming 

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