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February 13, 2018
By Jangel510 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Jangel510 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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You make me rage
I always feel like i’m burning up
No sleep just to get a victory
You see players disappearing left to right
You try collecting resources to survive
It's more addicting than any drug
I won't eat for days
i lose my mind when i die
You see rpg’s and pumps
A chug jug ready to be used
Your my lover my soulmate
You call me every night
I feel like sometimes we'll break up
You remind me of black ops 3
You got to strive to be the one to live 
I disrespect my enemies on the battlefield  
I feel the love to kiss you when i win
I can hear footsteps when an enemy is around
I dance when people spectate me

The author's comments:

i love this game its really exiciting and thrilling to play.

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