Ode to Best Friend

February 13, 2018
By Anonymous

A best friend that calls every day 
and night to make sure im okay,
Pretty ,  funny and tall and caramel skin with long hair,
Show me a lot and teach me a lot
You are like a my back spine cause you have my back all the time,
We hang out every day and we sit and eat all night till we
Feel fat like we cant feel our stomach ,
You make me happy when im sad and feeling alone,
I come to you for a lot , like you're my home ,
I remember one day i was at your house sleep
And i woke up and i was like how this cover get one me
You was like girl how else it's gonna get on you ,
Last weekend when we went valentines shopping for each other moms i had so much fun cos with both
Help each others out and at the same time we ran outta money.
There can be times when i make you mad and u turn into a tomato , but then u still talk to me and be there for me ,
I'm like your lock and your my key and i love that you're my best friend because you are always there for me.

The author's comments:

what inspired me to write this because at the time i was thinking about my bestfriend and how much she means to me 

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