ode to xbox one console

February 13, 2018
By Raymond14 SILVER, Sacramento, California
Raymond14 SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Ode to my Xbox one console
You wait for me to turn on my controller
And that’s when you turn on
Then when you are turned on
You’re fan that you have
Spins around and around
Blowing out sometimes cool air
My xbox reminds me of me
Because it’s sometimes hot or cold
On some days you don’t want turn on
Like you are having a bad day or something
My precious, day after day we meet again
Seconds sometimes minutes, hours it may be
I will keep on enjoying the endless worlds we will see
Dying we do together
And i know i don’t always drop my controller like a feather
But in love pain has no place to be
And i know you will be the one that will always rely on me
My parents might not love you but i do with all my heart
Xbox, dear xbox i hope we will never be apart

The author's comments:

This ode is about my xbox one console hope you enjoy

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