ode to my phone

February 13, 2018
By Anonymous

When I got my 1st phone,
I addicted to it by my father ,
It always wait for me every
Morning when I get up,my
Phone call me to be use, you
Travel  with me anywhere
I go.It a smartphone , is
addictive device which trap 
Souls into lifeless planet
Full of live.It always noisy
The places it be, when ever
I lose it or break it , I’ll
freak out, it make me happy
When it answer my question,
It a book like a phone that
Research anything That we
need to know , it heavy when
In your pocket of your pant it
Will full, so I put it that has
Lot of pocket,and secret pocket
Spot.This remind me when my
Mother text with support and
Love.My phone like a friend
That keep you company.

The author's comments:

this is my peom about your phone being your friend

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