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February 13, 2018
By AngelRicardo15687 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
AngelRicardo15687 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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You wait for me everytime
I finish homework or
From school.
I get on ready to take the victory.
I seek for my first win in solo.
The moment I
Land in a two story house.
I break the roof to then find the loot box
Get my weapon and a mini shield.

In the basement I am.
The moment I'm about to break the floor
I hear footsteps at the second floor.
Going through every room finding a weapon
They will need in order to survive
Like a regular student just searching for their
Phone when they lose it just looking through every room.
I jump of the roof like a monkey when they
Get of a tree to move to a better spot.
I then open the door letting the enemy know im
Here like when you open the door and you pet knows
Someone is home. Rushing for the stairs just to get under.
There i wait like a rattlesnake just waiting to strike
For its next meal or prey.Hearing the footsteps
I pull out my shotgun ready for the fight
Ahead.Shoot once in the head bam full shield is of
He then turns around shoots once with his pump shotgun
Take my full shield of seeking his death switches
His gun then i land a headshot and bam he dies.
Looting the best i can like a bank robbery.
Then it hits me the storm is racing me like a typical do or die race you lose you lose it all.
Rushing towards the next point i go. I never made it out.

The author's comments:

This basically explains a every day fortnite player and how they react

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