Ode to Dance

February 13, 2018
By CaprisunBrisk BRONZE, Sacramento , California
CaprisunBrisk BRONZE, Sacramento , California
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The soothing feeling while moving
Your body to the beat of the music,
The slow and fast beat of a song,
When there are sounds of fast beats
It feels like an earthquake on your
        Body while you are moving,
All of sudden it goes to a slow sound,
And your moving your arms in a slow wave,
Dancing to fast and slow beats helps
Me calm down, the easiest way to feel the
Beat is to close your eyes, feel the beat and
Imagine your favorite place you love or like to go,
It’s like dancing in the soothing waves of water,
Having your mind clear, feeling the clear water,
Or feeling accomplished, when you climb the mountain,
And get to the highest point, and out of nowhere,
You put on music on your speaker and start dancing,
Because you are happy and accomplished, dance is amazing art, where you can create your own move or
freestyle , you can create your own beat to dance to,
Become and famous choreographer, be known,
For your dancing, be an inspiration, to people,
Have people come to you to teach them,
Because once you get on stage, it’s your time to shine,
Give it all you got, just take a deep breath in and out,
If it’s your first performance think about all you have
Accomplished to get to where you are now,
Once the beat comes on, you can’t go back,
Dance like you’ve never danced before, start break
dancing , krumping , popping, to go to the fast beat,
Pretend like you are unstoppable fast earthquake,
Move your body fast in popping mode, or like
Dancing to rock music, just don’t think of anything,
Dance like you have never before, because once you
clear your mind,
          Just dance and feel the beat

The author's comments:

Because I am a dancer and I want to become a Professional dancer.

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