ode to the swater

February 13, 2018
By yaremib BRONZE, Sacramento, California
yaremib BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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You look so beautiful
And you are so cozy
Your hair makes my ears feel warm
Your smile closes my body
And i know you will someday leave
Its okay i will never forget you
You were there for me
In the good and bad
You hang in my room with your family
Your family of different races
They all hang in my room
To see who will be next
Because they all want to see the light
So when i wake up they stare at me
try to impress me
Their shiney smile make me want to choose one of them
Sometimes they lay in the basket
To take a shower
You all been with me
For example at school
You study with me
You go to the store with me
And you been with me
Including the day i adopted
More of your family
Maybe next time, dear friend
or maybe tomorrow

The author's comments:

this is an ode to myself

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