Ode To Adelyne

February 13, 2018
By Rinathagoon BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Rinathagoon BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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You were made,
But couldnt see anything
I touched my stomach
To see how your day was going
The two pink lines
And you were loved

You were small,
Barely growing a face
We went everywhere together,
We went to Las Vegas
To walk the strip
We seen all the lights
They filled up the streets
Just like time square

It was love at first knowledge
You gave me completeness
Filled my heart up with joy
As me and your daddy waited
On your arrival
You were thinking
Of your departure

While we stressed
But happy
You whispered don't worry
But before you left
We heard your heart beat
It was love to my ears
I left to the ER,
Something didn't seem right
We arrived but you left
We waited,
To hear your heartbeat
But you left
Before making another sound

You walked away with God
It felt as if my heart,
Stopped beating for the first time
Me and your daddy were lost
I blamed myself
And your daddy blamed himself
We lost a baby
But gained our angel

Not a day goes by,
That we don't think of
The day we gained an angel
We still don't want to,
Believe it
It's been months but
Your not alone
Your in heaven smiling
At us and as I look up
I search for the star
The one that's shining
The brightest at night

I hope one day to awake
From this nightmare
But as I pinch myself
I can't wake up
So i'm living in this nightmare
Your dad is living in it too

Were doing the best we can
At school and work
To make you proud
Because you already,
Gave us all the happiness you could
Adelyne you are missed
Every single day
We love and miss you dearly
And maybe one day you can meet your dad and I

The author's comments:

I had to go through the pain of losing my baby by miscarriage. I knew I wasnt ready but that didnt matter. I hope that who ever reads my ode will be able to understand what I went thrugh.

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