Ode to football

February 13, 2018
By jaaefinessin BRONZE, Sacramento, California
jaaefinessin BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Football is a game i love so much  when i hit the field  i get an adrenaline rush that makes me feel like i'm  unstoppable until the pressure comes on

Football  is a heartfelt game that  is  superfun and  gets you happy and excited

When the lights come on  i get nervous sometimes when it's a big game because the next play can be what people judge you on

When the quarterback throw the ball it's like a baby crawling into my hands 

The quarterback throw the ball like a bullet coming  from a 9mm

A football is a big pigskin oval that flies like a kite

Something i will always remember was when we were down a touchdown and scored to tie the game

Football is a game i will always love to play

Rivalry games are the best games to watch and play

They call us athletes

The collision is powerful  like thunder

We hit, we run, we pass, we punt

Its alot of things that come with football Injuries, headaches

When you get right off of practice and be super sore

We show courage when we lose and be happy when we win

Those who don't play football think we are monsters

It's  football not chess work hard and play hard

If you get hit get back up and hit them back the next play

Blood, sweat and tears is shed thru this game

When a teammate is down help them out and tell them goodjob.

The author's comments:

this is what i think about football

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