Ode to Games

February 13, 2018
By johnathan.C SILVER, Sacramento, California
johnathan.C SILVER, Sacramento, California
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I go home and hear you calling me to play with you. Everyday you wait there still wearing your black stealth jacket. When I get home I hear you yelling my name when you power on. I play with you and feel like I’m in the games in the action. When I’m at school I think of playing with you I feel how fun it’ll be shooting and hearing grenades go off next to me and the bullets flying screaming past me, or maybe I’ll run over rooftops from the zombie hordes on the ground knowing if I fall I’ll get eaten alive. When I play a ranked match in a game I stop hearing the world around me and listen to the world in the game I look at the clock go down me the last one alive the rest of my team counting on me to with the game heart pounding eyes wide open and looking everywhere like a dog looking for a squirrel. But I remember that I’m playing a game with my mind making it seem real and the graphics. The sky turns black as if its coal and my eyes start to get heavy and my brain says take a break and sleep so i take out the game turn it turn the playstation off and go to my room and crash onto my bed a shut my eyes I dream of how much fun I’ll have the next day.

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