Ode to My Bracelet

February 13, 2018
By Manpreet123 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Manpreet123 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Bracelet, with silver color and crystal in you,
When I wear you I look as fancy as you
You always with me everywhere I go,
You like my best friend
I remember when my dad gave you to me
I was really happy when he gave it to me because when
I see it remind me of my family that i didn’t see them for two years
Without you I feel like someone took a body part from me
Sometimes I wear my watch but you still in my pocket
Hard like a floor, soft like a baby
When I am doing my work you come to my wrist to say hi
People always compliment you when I wear you
My dad wear your brother on his wrist
I remember when I was in party and I lost you
I was looking for you like a police dogs look for thieves
Almost have you for two years, you never leave me
You loyal like a dog, because of you I got yelled from
My coach and I have to take you off from my wrist
I promise you that I will never going to lost you

The author's comments:

Its about my bracelet that my dad give me and it remind me of my family.

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