ode to milo(cat)

February 13, 2018
By frannie916 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
frannie916 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Every afternoon you greet at the door,waiting for me to come home from school
When I come through the door you rub your moldy orange body on my legs making me    trip over my feet
You follow me around until I sit down,
You sit on my hand wanting me to focus my attention on you
We then play you chasing me around until we get tired and get back to work
I call your name you answer but don't come so I repeatedly keep calling you until I find u locked in the dark cold garage
You cry wanting me to pick your cold orange sherbert ice cream body up
I have mixed emotions for you,
Sometimes you make me mad when you knock my perfumes off of my shelve
So you come running out when they all hit the floor
And they start chasing you around the room, then they stop when they crash into the wall
But mostly you make me happy when you come to me when I'm down or angry,
But you also make me feel safe at night the way you lay at the edge of my bed like a lion guarding his pups
And your order of febreze comes running to my nose because you rub your orange body all over them making the scent stick to you
We end our day, you waiting outside the door for me to come out of the shower
You come in and sit on the toilet watching me brush my teeth
We then go to bed snuggling with each other
And letting our dreams take over our mind

The author's comments:

my cat inspired me to write this because he's so funny sometimes and he's like my besftfriend 

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