You Are My Everything

April 3, 2009
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You are the sunshine
Thats shines my sky
When I see you
All I can do is smile
When I see you in the halls
I get and amzing feeling
That I wish would last forever

When I hold You Close
I never want to let go
I wasi I could be with you
For all the time
In the days

I want you to know
That i care about you
Night and Day
If you are ever sad
I want you to know
Im always here for you
With a shoulder to cry on
And I will do my best
To make you feel better

For you are my everything
My Night and Day
My One and Only

When I'm with you
I want time to stop
So i can spend every second with you
You are the one
That is always on my mind
You are someone i know i can trust
And I can go to
When im sad
And need comferting

You are the one
Always on my mind
You are my one and only
You are the one I love
You are my everything

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Jordan G. said...
Apr. 13, 2009 at 6:45 pm
i was typing this really fast caz my bother had to use it and i had notime to spell check so im srry
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