My Guardian Angel

February 13, 2018
By natashayousefi BRONZE, Laguna Beach, California
natashayousefi BRONZE, Laguna Beach, California
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Fifty years ago today I gazed up at the moon one evening with my head nestled in the grass
looking up one night, I saw what I thought was a false reality but standing there was you.
The most breathtaking view
?like a winged angel, you've been with me through it all?through every peak and every fall?
today was the day I held your hand for the last time
letting go of you felt like a horrid crime?
It pains me that your time is here but my love for you will never disappear
?when tomorrow comes I will awake without you by my side
but no,
I can't believe you actually died?
I promised you I won't cry but I couldn't help myself
after I said goodbye
my tears a signification of our past?
our fond memories that will forever last?
I am sitting where I saw you fifty years ago
When I was unaware that my love for you would forever grow
I gaze up in the sky and see a star
the thought of our memories oh so bazaar?
I promise that I will stay strong because
I know one day I will come along
but for now
while grasping on to my ring
I want to tell you one final thing
One thing always true
that I love you

The author's comments:

This poem is a gift to my sweet grandmother. I hope I vocalized her feeling well.

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