The Joys of Fifteen

February 12, 2018

Your life is starting faster than it ever should,
With school and having interests you become a dried out piece of wood.
Getting a B is treated like failing in life,
Where every imperfection is poked at with a knife.

You think about the future more than enjoying the present.
Your brain is filled with college and your gut with cement.
You will not realize who is with you, so you will feel alone.
All of your fantastic dreams are turning into stone.
I know all of these truths were once unseen,
So I am sorry that you are turning fifteen.

Your classmates will judge you, they will judge what you wear.
They will judge your shoes, your face, and your hair.
They do this to try to melt the cement in their gut.
So they will call you ugly, they will call you a sl*t.

But do not get too worried, do not get upset
For there are some glorious gifts you will get.
You will learn how to drive, and earn money with a part-time career.
You will receive more freedom, not that much, but enough to make your parents fear.
So do not feel sad, do not turn blue, for the real you is about to be seen.
Congratulations, you are turning fifteen.

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