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February 12, 2018
By Strange1 BRONZE, Newark, Ohio
Strange1 BRONZE, Newark, Ohio
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What a depressing word
a word that makes my heart sink
and tears flow

But it’s also a word that describes me

I feel so fake
Like a plastic doll that has been in the sitting in the sun

my feelings are the opposite
Of what I am

My appearance
It’s fake
I’m just a pawn
Looking similar to everyone else
I lost the confidence to show myself

My body betrays me
It opposes me
I lost the confidence

I’m lost in my own fakeness

I should always think about what I have
Rather what I don’t

What do I have?

I’m falling
Falling into darkness
Falling into a dark abyss of my self-pity

betrayal is what describes me

I betray myself

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