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America's Game

February 14, 2018
By Matthew_McEvoy BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
Matthew_McEvoy BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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For years, I have been the spotlight of the nation,
As many of stars have played since my creation.
Hailing from New York more than a century ago,
Americans have flocked to me, waiting for players to put on a show.
The Dead Ball Era were the dark ages of my name
However that did not take away from any of my fame.
The fixed World Series of 1919 damaged my reputation,
As many thought this would cause me damnation.
However The Babe came along and hit sixty
Which led to the Yankees becoming nifty.
During the World Wars, I have been there for the people,
As my stadiums soon became a steeple.
Tons of fans poured in through my doors
When the Astrodome was the first stadium indoors.
Soon the players began to riot,
And my whole life stood quiet.
However throughout the years
I have brought the nation to tears,
And there will never be a replica,
As I, too, am America.

The author's comments:

Throughout my life, baseball has been not just a game or something I would play just because. Baseball has always been my passion, and sometimes I like to think of it as the purpose of my life. However, baseball has not only changed me, but it has influenced the nation. It has been there for Americans during both World Wars, it was one of the first professional sports to integrate in America, and ever since it's creation in the late 19th century, it has been the one constant that has always been there for Americans. This is truly America's game.

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