Ink It

February 14, 2018
By Acurry BRONZE, New Boston, Texas
Acurry BRONZE, New Boston, Texas
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   I was at the store to buy                                                                            ink for my pen what type of pen it was a black pen .     

They had no pink ink or black Ink                                                           I said you don't have  an squead They said no.  

Will ok the said only had                                                                         printer ink it does not work for the real inf for the pen.  

This is a special ink pen it                                                                           took squead ink It is cool for a ink pen . 

I seen a squid outside                                                                            and then the said that kind of squid .

I said that is what                                                                                               i want they said o it is not for sale .  

OK i need ink for my pen                                                                      man dang you are supposed to have ink for pen.   

I never got ink until I went to                                                                     walmart then they asked me  how old are you I said 14 ok you can't buy it so I did not get ink for my ink pen.

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