Good Times With Good Food

February 15, 2018
By Anonymous

Good Times With Good Food
The first good memory about fast food restaurants is my first memory of entering a fast food restaurant. The day I entered the restaurant was a beaming sunny day, and since I was a child I had a weird buzz because I was getting used to actually living.  I entered the restaurant and there happened to be a playground on the outside so I quickly ran out to go do what kids do, I left my mom to do the ordering. The first thing I did when I got to the playground was to climb the rope area so that I could reach the rope stairs.
My mom would call to me “ what do you want to eat” and I would yell back,  “ I want a  cheeseburger plain” I didn’t know the menu to well so I yelled out specifics on what I wanted and let my mom do the rest.
I used to be a selfish person when I was a kid. I played at the playground for a good thirty minutes I kind of feel bad now for making my mom wait for that long. The playground was a bunch of pipes that connected to make a slide that could be potentially dangerous, the it was pipe that was out in the open which could heat up and could possibly burn kids.  After I was done i’d go find my mom who was waiting there reading a book on a bench that was on the side of the restaurant. My food was cold but I didn’t care. My mom would scold me for not cleaning my hands and would direct me towards the bathroom. “ if you don’t clean those hands then you won’t eat” my mom said confidently that and pointed towards the nearest bathroom.

The fast food bathroom where always the nastiest and would give off an ugly impression on me. The bathroom was littered with gang signs and scratched out words. I would try to clean my hands in a big hurry. Just being in the bathroom was scary because it was littered in toilet paper and the stench of poop. If you see a fast food bathroom now you would think it was as if it was your own bathroom, depending on the place of course.
Once I was done washing my hands in that nasty bathroom I would go straight to the table where my mom was stationed at.  I grabbed the hamburger and ate it like the cookie monster would eat one of his cookies.  I ate the fries rapidly and drown it with orange soda. After I finished my food I gave a very satisfying loud burp. My mom scolded me because what I did was pretty nasty.
After I was done eating we would make our way home. Since I was still a child I had to sit in the back seat and my mom would take out her phone and call her parents that lived and was bounded to Mexico. I’m very different when I get in a car. When I’m outside and in an open space I go ballistic and i’m very active, but when I get into a car I’m very silent and I just observe the road with whatever music I have on at the time.
When I got home I would sit on my couch and just feel good about the meal that I had. Back then I didn’t know how unhealthy fast food was because I loved what I ate. I used to eat fast food on a weekly basis. I used to beg to go out and eat knowing that my mom had already cooked something up. Fast food restaurants would have that amount of control on me as a child not only because they had cool toys but because the food was just that good.

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