Why is Ink On My Mind?

February 15, 2018
By NicholasJ. BRONZE, New Boston, TX, Texas
NicholasJ. BRONZE, New Boston, TX, Texas
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Why is Ink on My Mind?
Ink, Ink, Ink
It’s just what I think
No matter the color
No matter the texture
All I think, is Ink.
If it’s pink
I think Ink
If I eat, or sleep
I think of Ink.
Even in my dream,
I think of Ink.
Why you might ask?
There’s was once a task,
A task that was impossible to unmask.
But when I grabbed my Ink,
I unmasked that task in just a blink.
So when I think of Ink, I think of a Blink,
A Wink, and many more of such a treat.
So in a way, I guess it helps me think.
Maybe that’s the reason why I’m stuck with thinking of Ink.

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