tuesday afternoon

April 3, 2009
By Anonymous

febuary 5th,2008
on a tuesday right after school
i finish walking home and then i hear atkins severe weather coming your direction i dont know what to do i start shaking and try to cath my breath the meteorologist says take cover atkins it will be there around 4 05 pm which was like 6 minutes before that the tornado coming towards our city we go in a small place trying to get away and then i hear it rumble i think of someting to get my mind off of it and not think these are my last minutes of my life and that song is flat on the floor by carrie underwood the words are im flat on the floor with my head down low where the sky cant rain on me anymore(in this case, spin me around in the sky)dont knock on my door cause i wont come im hiding from storm till the damage gets done. then the rumble gets louder and louder.the f5 tornado is feet away from my house and i am nervous and anxious about my life. i pray to god somehow i will still be alive when this is all over. knowing im gonna die then............whoa!!!!!!!!!the tornado turns and doesnt it us now after that wouldnt you be thankful for your life?we have pizza and we are all fine now i thought.... minutes later BREAKING NEWS arkansas there has been a tornado in atkins arkansas that has touched the ground and has destroyed the church of union grove free will baptist...and there were kids in the building beside them and no one has been injured or hurt.....next thing i hear MORE BREAKING NEWS......girl of age 10 has died and so have her parents it made me want to cry what if someone about your age had died and you hadnt you would apprieciate your life at that moment and treasure it the rest of your life...next thing i heard was man threw in tree died with two sons still living and fine no mother involved....the 10 year old that died went to my school and we all cherished her and the man that died was the father of two boys that went to my school...think how your life could be taken away from you in one second when you think youre having a bad day. in the end, things were destroyed and torn apart,people had died, and memories have been made.atkins will never be the same again.

The author's comments:
this piece is in rememberance of the people that had lost their lives in this tornado i cant stand to think how my life almost was gone febuary 5th, 2008

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