April 3, 2009
By Felix SILVER, N/A, New Jersey
Felix SILVER, N/A, New Jersey
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fruits of my labor have since withered and died, and so to what i was once tied, i bid adeau and say goodbye, for my time is now only serving to defy...., i am done with the games, and i can find no shame
in my labors
in what i hold favors
as my trust in your rules fades
and gives way to cascades
the time of which i am is now
and by only my rules do i vow
to keep

"its my game
if you want to be part of it
you'll play by my rules
- Hayasaka Erika
from 'megatokyo', the online comic, which was created by Fred Gallagher

The author's comments:
i wrote it after quitting spring track i think, and it was on my aim sn info for a long time to..... its been added to over time; i wrote it when i was being swamped by projects (well metaphorically speaking, i wrote it when i was getting splashed in the kiddy pool, then i was hit with a tidal wave)

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