Thank you for love

February 2, 2018

For a big part Of my life I believed that love didn’t really exist. That it was only temporary. That the people who were so deeply in love grew apart. And it’s not sad you know it was just my way of thinking. That nothing is really meant to be. But then you guys got together, and BAM silly enough you guys were meant to be. My whole way of thinking for was flipped upside down. And I guess I wanted to say thank you for that. Thank you for proving me wrong. You guys grew together instead of apart. You showed me that these two crazy people who met as teens but are now completely different people can still share that look as if you’re barely meeting for the first time. As if she’s still the girl you use to get Starbucks for and as if he’s still the sweaty skaterboy you kissed on your birthday. And that’s something that not everyone gets to experience So thanks for showing me that love truly does exist, and goes through phases but it never changes.

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