I'm Tired

February 8, 2018
By Anonymous

I’m tired…
Of being called
An “Overachiever”
A “Try hard”
A “Show off”
I’m tired of the name calling

Because I achieve
I work hard
I show my talents
I am called these things

Let me tell you something…
I’m tired of it

And “Try hard”
And “Show off”
Play over and over again
In my head

And I think
Do I change?

Guess what?
I’m still tired
Of overthinking these names
That I am called

Will it ever end?

Why am I called these things?
Because I try
And put effort in
And work for what I want

I don’t know
I may never know
But, I want it to end

So, I’ve decided…
To embrace it

I will show
My hard work ethic to achieve
My determination to try
My talent
To the people around me

I will stand up to
“Try hard”
“Show off”

I won’t be so tired
If I embrace it

If you embrace it,

The author's comments:

It relates to my life, so I expressed my frustration!

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