So Soon

April 3, 2009

It all ended before it begin it was gone with a blink of an eye when it should have just been the begining not the end this is not how i imgined it i didnt vision on this all ending but it did and it hurts me i cant do anything at all without tears streaming down my face i find myself more and more staying up late into the night thinking and sometimes im just so confused with myself i stay up prying you will call and say "i love you i made a mistake" but,you never do and it hurts more each night when do these tears stream down my face when im all alone locked away from you and everyone elese sometimes at night i walk if you take time to look youd see the tears fall as i move forward i still have strong feelings for you that shine bright within this pain is the strongest pain ive ever felt it takes hold of me and it wont let go no matter what i do i still find myself smile at you when i painfully glance your way but there is something deep inside my heart is smileing too it may be shining brighter then the sun moon and stars but together why did this all have to end so soo what do i do how do i deal with this cause i have no idea what to do?

The author's comments:
This piece is about an ex boyfriend that i went out with for like a week and then he dumped me so i wrote this and this is still how i feel for him

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