In love.

April 3, 2009
We have all heard love hurts most of us,
most of us never spend the time to let it grow,
love branches liek a tree,
reaching out and grabs ahold of you,
it's breath taking,
it makes you feel amazing,
distence can destroy it slowly,
You shudder when you hear their voice,
temble at their touch,
and believe their every word,
I did hurt,
I never understood why I couldn't let him go,
my every being wanted to claim him,
so he could be with only me,
what can you say when you find out your in love,
I think about him,
every second,
of every day,
and I ache to touch him,
hold him,
kiss those lips I still dream about,
but The space between us is amence,
we feel the same,
thank god for that,
but this love,
is the strongest i've ever felt,
I love being in love!

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