Our Love

February 6, 2018
By Echonote17 BRONZE, Belle Fourche , South Dakota
Echonote17 BRONZE, Belle Fourche , South Dakota
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Standing, arms open awaiting your embrace.
I fall my legs heavy with fatigue as you run to me, eyes filled with tears.
You say to me “I am sorry for keeping you these many years,
I thought you would have left.” I say “Why would I do that? I love you.”
You stare at me with eyes of compassion and sorrow as I slip away.

No. You must not leave, I have just seen you after these years full of grief.
I see she is dying, the wait was too long for her frail, small body.
I say to her “ I realize now what I have done to you. I know what I must do.”
Her feeble body moves and she tries her best to mutter these words.
“Do what you must. Just know, you will always be my love.”

I say these words to my only love not knowing if he hears me or not.
He takes me in his arms and awaits my death, singing our song.
I listen in ecstasy, his words flowing like a spring that has just been unfrozen.
My last breath is to come soon. I feel myself dying. I think, at least I got to see him one last time. He always arrived just barely early enough. “Goodbye my love.”

I feel her breathing slow; a heartbeat getting hard to hear. She whispers to me,
“Goodbye my love.” Her frail, thin body goes limp in my arms.
With tear filled eyes, before I continue our song, I say “I will see you again one day, my
“Madame et ses belles phrases, oh
Se font désirer”

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