Never Alone

April 3, 2009
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You aren't alone love,
And you never will be

I told you I would never cry,
But I sob in this night without you.
Because I'm not there to comfort you,
Your world crashes down around you
And I can't hold you...

So close your eyes,
Tomorrow sleeps below the sunrise
And as day leads to day,
A thousand years leads to eternity
And we have it all

So stay strong
Because I'm never far away
I can hear your heart from a thousand miles distance

I want to be there for every beat
But when way leads me away from you
Don't forget me
And don't let go

One day we will get out of here
Maybe we can run forever
We don't have have to stop
If it's just you and me
I could go anywhere
If your hand is in mine

You aren't alone love,
And you never will be

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