The Block or Wood's Life

April 3, 2009
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I have seen many extraodinariness and many horrors. I have never lie, because I only see the truth.
You on the other hand lie and cheat, but you can't help it.
I was once tall and mighty, but now I am small. I remember my arms and many fingers, now I just have a hole.
One day I was cut from my glory, stripped of all my little friends that perched on my arms and the ones that lived within me. I watched them grow up.
I was linked to many of my parts ond others like me. Together we held up a place for stock and machines that moved. We were strong for many years. Batteling storm after storm.
Finally we came down, now i see your kin everyday. Sitting in a classroom. Hearing laughter and other noises. YOu think that you know a lot, but I know more than you will ever know.

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