Time by scarlet dawn

February 5, 2018
By Anonymous

Time is always going never stopping always running
It's a kid on a sugar high
Bouncing off walls
It falls but continues going
Going and going
Never stopping to wait
Or stopping for a break it keeps going
Through the toughest of weather the strongest of storms
It keeps going never stopping
Nothing will lock time in its place
Time’s starting line is far behind but it seems like it only just started
Time pushes people out of its way to win the race against no one
Time is the fastest oldest and strongest
It will never end or bend
Some want to take time and break it but it keeps on going
Going and going
Running running running and running
If you figure out a way to stop time tell me
So i can take time and
Hug it tight
clean its scraped knees and broken bones
Then i'll set it free again so he can continue running
Running running going going going never  stopping because it's never started.

The author's comments:

I one day had a great idea for few lines about time.

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