January 30, 2018
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Puppies remain small
With fur covering all
Over their bodies
They bark softly; innocence ignites
Through their face and eyes; like lights
Some puppies are brown; chocolate Labs
All bundeled against each other like slabs
Their coat protrudes with fur;
As if they were fir
Other puppies, also Labs, are yellow or black
Yet, they never lack
Their smile
Or little sharp teeth crunching
Through the noise of lound munching
Their eyes remain innocent, kind
Michief and adventure is what they find
Fur protruding; eyes staring
Through your heart; yet their stares remain caring
When you cry, puppies comfort you
Wiping the blue
Tears from your face
Then their skid across the floor as if in a race
Their backs lowered; asking to play
Wondering what you would say
Paws outstretched, they shake
Your hand; enjoying the new friends they make

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