A Dog Who Wished To Be A Bird

January 30, 2018
By myad2949 PLATINUM, Strafford, New Hampshire
myad2949 PLATINUM, Strafford, New Hampshire
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Coat shining in the moon,
eyes glisten in the light.
I will have a home soon.
Scratch that idea, I might.

Now I sit and I cry.
I offer strangers my paw,
they look down and deny.
I look up at birds that KAW.

Oh, those birds so free.
Only if I could fly.
Just those birds and me,
up in that open sky.

I lay my head down,
strangers pass by.
Dreams of kings with crowns,
and birds that fly.

My head is patted,
as I awake.
With fur matted,
I shiver and shake.

A girl with soft, kind eyes
goes over me with a comb.
She says, “Oh, how time flies,
you finally have a home!”

Flies, like the birds, I think.
Then, my world starts to change.
I watch the old world shrink,
and my new tags clang.

These new tags read Raven,
Ravens are birds that fly.
I am in a haven
for soon I will fly high.

The headlights made my eyes glisten
And made my coat shine in the moon.
All because I did not listen.
My family says I left too soon.

I did not choose to pass by car.
But now I may fly.
If you miss me, look to a star.
And please, do not cry.

For I was only a dog
whose wish was to soar
and whose prayer to God was heard.
And I wouldn't trade it for a day more.

The author's comments:

This is a poem that I wrote for my 9th grade English class. I decided to submit it because I got a very strong reaction from my peers, and my teacher. This was inspired by a friends family who lost their dog, named Birdie.

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