Sorry I'm Late!

January 30, 2018
By myerabig BRONZE, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
myerabig BRONZE, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
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Sorry I’m late to work today,
I swear I didn’t mean to be!
I was watching TV, got carried away,
And forgot I was on at three.

Please don’t shout, or yell
Or cause a big scene.
This is already hell,
Just don’t be so mean.

Would it change your mind
If I said I was sick?
Would you be more kind
If I’d been more quick?

Wait. Hold up. Slow down.
Did you say you’re not mad?
That I’ve no reason to frown?
Huh. That wasn’t so bad.

The author's comments:

I work at a cafe, and I've been late to work two times. Both times were quite possibly the most terrifying moments of my life. Then, I realized that my boss wasn't actually mad at me. Really, it was no big deal as long as I didn't make a habit of it. That experience was a humorous one for me, so naturally, I had to write a poem about it.

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