February 1, 2018

I had every reason to trust you

But also every reason not to 

You seemed trust worthy 

It seemed to good to be true


I ended up finding out 

You lied to me and everyone

You just wanted attention

You didnt care if i started opening up to you

You used what i said against me

You exposed my secrets


Its been hard to

Open up



because of you

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on Feb. 9 at 10:29 am
beenthrohellandback SILVER, Troy, New York
8 articles 0 photos 20 comments
@WolfWhisperer0911 yes that helps put imagery in it thank you

on Feb. 9 at 9:58 am
WolfWhisperer0911 DIAMOND, Crosby, Texas
63 articles 0 photos 803 comments

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-Joshua 1:9

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@beenthrohellandback So relatable to many people and I think it will be better if you describe your heart being shattered by the lies like a rock to the window.

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