Dear Life

February 1, 2018
By Janyriah BRONZE, Banks, Alabama
Janyriah BRONZE, Banks, Alabama
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As a write this letter I hope you get it
I was born in this world
July 28 can’t you tell?
Happiness as a child
Life tell me why
As I reach into high school
Why is my life this way?
Hearing laughter’s all day and night
Sometimes I wish my life would shine so bright
I ask myself why
But she responds in a cry
Life why do you have to be so hard
Is it because that how we should live
Not saying I’m ready for you to end
I just want to live like we did at the begin
Smiles expressing on the outside
But in the inside I hear that voice
Your voice saying ‘’don’t worry’’
Is this your fault that this is happening?
Life tell me why
You say life is too hard
But why not easy
So easy like bees receive honey
Life give me a response
Something that can help me
Cause by 2019
Life we need to be together as a team
But still tell me why
Why Life
Why I have to be shy
Why can’t I be like most girls?
As I listen to your response
That is part of life
Your life is like memories
So don’t be sad
Life is not perfect
God created you this life
You go through hard life for a reason
To show you to not give up
But Life
You are right
You steady keep me going
Day and night
I’m thankful
For you keeping me motivated
As I end this race
You taught me to keep moving
So that what I’m going to do
Life is always like a fairytale
There is always not a happy ending  

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem becuase, I want people to realize that life is going to get hard and it going to take your mindset to have the courage to not to give up, and keep striving until you finish that obstacle. 

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