Remember Those Days

February 1, 2018
By Anonymous

Never would I have thought there’d be a day without you
You were there for me from the beginning and now to your end
You taught me me how to push through life and
Taught me how to take care of others
Never have I thought there’d be a day without you
And all I can do now is remember those days

I remember those Sunday mornings waking up
With you watching cartoons and football
I remember the smell of bacon and eggs
Before each game those days
I remember the smell of cigarettes and Mom asking,
“ Why the hell do you smell like cigarettes?”
And I always said back,
“ I was hanging out with Grampie, remember?”
I will always remember those days

I remember going to the shop when I was 7 with dad
The smell of burning metal and the sound of the grinder
Will always be remembered
I remember hanging out in the office and you came in
Sneaking me some candy when dad said no
And you always say,
“He’s my grandson, I’ll do what I want.”
I remember you putting me on the crane and have me
Swing around the shop being a complete goof
I will always remember those days

I will always remember seeing your face at senior night
Coming to my first football game you went to
You may have not seen it then, but
On the inside I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning
Seeing you there
You were the one who got me into football
And it was a very special night you were there
I will always remember that night

I’m glad you were in my life and
I’m glad we were close
I wish we could’ve spent more time together
But I’m happy knowing you’re no
Longer in any pain
I will always remember you

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