Why me I asked

January 31, 2018
By HappyHotDogs BRONZE, Hemet, California
HappyHotDogs BRONZE, Hemet, California
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Why me I asked, why do I
Have to be the strong one
Why do I have to be the bigger
Person in the end, why me.

Just as my Dad tells me
My Mom isn’t ever
Going to come home and hoping
He didn’t mean she passed away
And as my little brother asked why
Not my Dad said “because mommy passed away”
And I felt like I couldn’t breath, like
A huge weight dropped on my chest
And I couldn't get it off.

At her funeral people told me
To be strong for her be happy
Don’t think of it as a bad thing
How could I not I just lost my mom and
Your asking me to be strong about it
There was not strength left in my body
How could I hold myself up now.

I see people all around me crying
But I’m not because I have to be strong
What if I can’t be strong anymore
What if I want to give up, but I can’t
Everyone needs me more than ever
And I have to be there for them.


My Dad my brother, and sister, they need me
But why me why not anyone else in
The world. I’m sure I’m not the only
One who needed to be strong,
My Dad had to be really strong because
He just lost wife, his best friend, his family
And himself.

My brother took it the hardest,
Because he was a momma's boy so
He lost his best friend and his mom and
My sister she was quiet and I feel
Like she moved to her Dads to get away from
How she was feeling.

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