Your Eyes

April 3, 2009
By Stephen Nolan SILVER, Ft. Riley, Kansas
Stephen Nolan SILVER, Ft. Riley, Kansas
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Every look into your eyes,
Is but torture in disguise.

For beneath them lie the memories,
As sharp and clear,
As if they were but yesterday’s,
But of another life,
Another time,
When I was gazing in your eyes.

Memories of those Apple Days,
Walking together,
Talking together,
Beneath that autumn sun,
Of time spent before it all,
Of friendship and of love.

Memories of that day,
While in my room,
Where you confessed that you had seen,
Something in me,
That I had seen for years in you.

Memories of your hand in mine,
Wrapped tightly against the bitter cold,
Of the winds and freezing rain,
But oh, how they were kept warm.

Memories of our first kiss,
Of loving hearts,
And pure bliss,
When yours met mine,
And mine met yours,
I dove into paradise.

These memories flash through the mind,
As into your eyes I look,
A second only,
But there they lie,
Still fresh as yesterday.

Memories that bring back joy,
But also searing pain,
For what we love in reality,
Hurts in thought and vacancy.

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