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January 28, 2018
By liliangelilian BRONZE, Beijing, Other
liliangelilian BRONZE, Beijing, Other
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I love you
I hate you
My heart's tired
Yet filled with desire

Can I stop by
without disturbing you?
Walk by
Turn around
Don't show

My heart's tired

Every moment
Through my memory
My mind, torments
my delicate Self

Can I love you
without hurting myself?
Walk aside
Turn away
Don't think

Am I stubborn
if I won't give you up?
Cry alone
Go to sleep
Wake in vain
Grimace in pain.

My heart's tired

My heart's tired
but it still won't stop loving you
There is a chain
tied from my heart to your soul

Yet you still seem a mystery
In my dreams you are perfect
Reality is a misery
Days without you, rain

Speaking with you
However, brief
Frozen in time and truth
Always a relief

You walk by.
I wonder:
"Am I wasting
my life?"

You cross my mind.
And, I ponder:
"Who are you?"

But another mere human,
just another moving body.
So, what makes you special?
And, why do I want you badly?

"Who are you?"
But another one alive
out of seven point five billion
I met you. Why, why, why?

I'm tired, my darling
I'm tired of hurting
I'm tired of loving
without you returning

My heart's tired
but it's yours to keep
I'm tired
I hope I dream of you in my sleep...

The author's comments:

I'm a little bit weird...

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