To You, Best Friend

April 3, 2009
By Anonymous

Dear best friend,
I got your letter you sent,
How’ve you been?

Well, I’ve been decent.
How’s the little one? Is he doing fine?
Man, what happened to time?
I remember when we were five.
How we used to talk about our future, and how we’d always be smart.
Do times get dark?
I know it’s got to be hard,
Doing multiple things at once.
You were my diamond when I was in the rough.
To you, I looked up.
But, what happened to you?
You were an honors student in school.
But now, you’ve got a big job to do.
Life can’t be a skip in the park for you,
With grass so green.
Remember when we were thirteen?
You said “I’ve got a future ahead of me”,
But this is your future starting now at sixteen…..
Give your baby a big hug for me.



The author's comments:
I had a best friend whom i was very close to, and she ended up gettinfg pregnatnt, and threw her life away.

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