How He Must Feel

April 3, 2009
By poeticstarlet94 PLATINUM, Irving, Texas
poeticstarlet94 PLATINUM, Irving, Texas
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"To thine own self be true."

You’re calling me your sovereign,
throwing your problems at me and expecting me to solve them.
Did you forget that I am royalty?
I don’t have to do what I do,
you should do for me.
I gave you the greatest gift there ever was;
salvation and redemption in the form of my only begotten son.
I let them hang Him high and stretch Him wide.
I saw Him hang His head and for you He died.
So with your whining and complaining,
you should know it’s just as well.
If you think you’ve got it bad, think of how He must’ve felt.

And I’m a jealous God.
How dare you not worship me?
You glorify money, cars, and your idols on TV.
But what about me?
I came first.
Without me,
this world never would have been birthed.
I brought you in to bring you out,
yet you have the audacity to sit in church and doubt…?
That I ever was, that I still am…the only God,
the greatest God,
the I AM.

I weep to see my people perish,
I hurt to see you suffer.
But how can I help and heal the land and when you won’t reach out to each other?
What am I?
Your backup plan?
The one you turn to when you can’t handle it?
You tried it your way and that didn’t work,
you need a solution so I must have it.
I know the answer, I know all.
You’d have it if you sought me and took the time to call…
on my name.

I love you, my children.
I came that you might have life.
I love you, my children.
Trust me…
I’m always right.

The author's comments:
I am a young and very devoted writer. The thoughts I put into words are parts of my soul. I love writing like apart of my being. My love for Jesus is about the only thing that surpasses that love.

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