Actions Can Hurt More

January 25, 2018
By HaileyN SILVER, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
HaileyN SILVER, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
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As I walk slowly down the dark hallway,
My newly cut brown hair flowing back and forth.
Feel my cheeks turning red
People start staring.
Hearing her whisper when I walk by
Making me walk faster.
Seeing her point at me
Making me want to disappear.

Come home
Crying myself to sleep
Night after night
Feeling the dampness on my pillow
Odor of sorrow fills my room
As the room all of a sudden goes dark
Thinking of her,
Makes the taste in my mouth turn dry.
As my brain tenses up,
I think;
What if I disappear
No one would see me then
And the bullying would all go away

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