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January 25, 2018
By bellefreeberg SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
bellefreeberg SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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The stress that has been growing for quite some time
A black rose spreading its roots through a garden of daffodils and daisies
Or cancer taking over your thoughts
Dull of color and relaxation

A girl that is worn out and weary
Bags under her eyes carrying the weight of her thoughts
Looking afraid behind her bright blue iris

Wondering if the stress will ever perish
A strange, merciless fog seizing her brain
Lacking knowledge and confidence
The tears stinging in her eyes
Each little molecule in every salty drop of a water
Slowly washed away her self-esteem and happiness
Not knowing how to cope any longer

She finally snapped and cried out her eyes
Like an old willow tree in the woods
About to crash to the forest floor
Sanity flooding out of her heart as the tears surge

Walking into the class late trying to hide her previous sorrow
Asking the teacher if she could have the homework
The look of fighting back tears takes over her face
As he explains what is expected
A glossy tear breaks through

People questioning if she’s okay
Shaky voiced “yes” returned
Yes a little lie balancing on the tip of her tongue like little kids on a seesaw
Then released through her lips with the burning sensation of salt a wound
The taste so bad like sour milk rolling down your throat

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