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Finding Yourself

January 25, 2018
By bellefreeberg SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
bellefreeberg SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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I was lost
I was the girl who couldn't find her doll
Or the tourist with no idea where to go
I had to look for what was lacking
Find what was once missing

Days, weeks, months had passed
There was no change in my feelings
I was constantly lying to myself
I was being someone that I wasn’t
And that needed to change

I felt so out of place
In school, in sports, even with my friends
That is when the problem appeared
It had been so blatant
I just couldn't open my eyes to it

It wasn’t the real me causing the uncertainty
Rather who I was changing myself to be
To try to make others appreciate me for me

I don't know how I didn't realize this earlier
All the bad decisions being made
I couldn't speak up and object the ideas
I was intermixed with the wrong people
I needed to finally change to who I really am
I needed to find myself

Change is a new direction
Everyone goes through it
Majority of people overcome it
Some never accept it
Others get to exhausted trying to accept it
The impacts are different

Through the positive and
The negative
It happens to everyone
Make the best of what you can

After change is far along
You find yourself
Life gets better for some
You grow to big things
The not so fortunate ones
Struggle with lots

Finding yourself is a rollercoaster
Feeling your nerves acting up
There are ups and downs
Twists and turns
A bumpy ride that ends with laughter
The feeling of nervousness relieved

Once you discover what was once lost
You grow as a person
There are still roadblocks here and there
But you can overcome them
And still be what you want to be
In the end you will be you
No matter how hard you try to resist

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