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Living In The Shadows

January 25, 2018
By bellefreeberg SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
bellefreeberg SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Deep down I'm destroyed
Wanting the pain to end
Counting the days to felicity
Obscure of what's to occur

Walking through the halls
With a fake smile on my face
Trying my best not to snap
No one knows the real pain

Teachers think I am happy
But they haven't witnessed what's inside
The agony that eats me from within
Sometimes I just want to die

Surrounding myself with fake friends
Little do they know
That they caused all this hurt inside
All of the lies lessened with laughter

The endless nights of crying
The interminable idea of suicide
When I am laying in bed
The desire to diminish the anguish

Maybe I should just end it
It's the only option left
The perpetual pain will pass


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